Friday, June 21, 2013

PRABHAVATI raises $ 130,000 for AIM For Seva Kids !!!

India-Herald Article is here.

by Gauri Mehta

Ten US cities hosted ‘Prabhavati’ 
a beautiful love story, in divinity
Choreography by sweet Rukmini 
of the Raadhakalpa dance company

The dancers were graceful
The events were successful
There was much applause
Aim for Seva was the cause 

A fundraiser with a mission
To empower with education
the bright rural children of our nation
 in chatralayas, through graduation

Volunteers worked together and hard
To bring more awareness in this regard
Holding up high the pledge card
At every event in the Indo-US yard

AIM for Seva was their call
Handing flyers, posters on the wall
Donations they got big and small
To enable kids to stand up tall

Six months went by in this way
The movement got stronger everyday
Until ten events were done in array
2000 children supported - hooray!

Now’s the time to acknowledge those
because of whom the events arose
Srini, national coordinator, kudos!
The Prabhavati troupe - to you, bravos!

New Jersey team, like Mahalakshmi
Big donors many she brought to see
The AIM work for our country
A vision of Pujya Swamiji

Pramod and Lata hosted the first show
In Elmira,where  the artists bowed low
Last year Nayani and now Prabhavati
An impressive audience of 650

Srini and Savithri, pro at hospitality
Organizing for a decade, in Detroit city
Relentlessly, with the AIM committee
Growing awareness like leaves on a tree

Raleigh-Durham, Boston and Albany
Guru, Kumar & Kumar, and Gauri
East coast outreached in harmony 
 to the Indian and American community

Dr Siva’s team in Washington D.C.
Emailed and called many joyfully
Donors and Purna Vidya family
Came together in unanimity

The Philly team was led by Nagesh
Dedicated outreach for our desh
With unified voice the team expressed
The crowd gave and the event impressed

In Houston, Prasad, Suma and volunteers teamed
‘Sold out show!’, with big smiles they beamed
Together with Arbindoo and his Dallas team
All made the Texas events flow like a dream

Many volunteers led by Sudhakar
Awesome video played on projector
The tech teams, no glitch did hinder
Divine blessings poured beyond measure
Pujya Swamiji’s grace is vast
Janet’s dedication is the mast
AIM for Seva message was broadcast
 The crowds expectations were surpassed!

Everyone is feeling the glow
of this successful 2013 show 

The AIM leadership led by Sheelaji
Avantikaji and Piyushji,  
Graciously i thank all of thee
From that heart of a devotee
In which all of us and Prabhavati
Blessings of Pujya Dayananda Saraswati
Merge as ONE in AIM for Seva
in US of America